Creating Wonderland Through Pattern

Pattern Collection

This gallery displays our in-house pattern collections. Updated seasonally, these are designed to be applied to a multitude of surfaces. Each pattern can be reinterpreted through customization of color, application + scale.


OUR PATTERN ART // The following gallery shows a selection of art, curated + designed by founder, Stephanie Eventov, as a collection of in-house designs. Many of these patterns have been used in our surface collections through our fabrication partnerships. All of these patterns can be customized in fabrication, scale + color for collaborations + custom projects. New collections are created seasonally. All art is copyrighted + subject to exclusivity depending on certain criteria. Please contact us to view additional work or for more information.

ORIGINAL 101 COLLECTION // This collection is inspired by the true love of graphic movement & angles. From the beauty & intricate flow of art deco to the playful aspect of line movement, the original 101 collection is reminiscent of the roaring 20’s, the free & vibrant 70’s, + a modern today.

TEA IN TOKYO COLLECTION // The unexplainable cultural power of Tokyo is one of extreme dimension. Through all of the complexities there is a visual empowerment amongst many of the details a non-native can notice just by walking down the street. After spending much time in the undeniably fascinating city, the tea in Tokyo collection represents the captivating "everyday".

RADIO STAR COLLECTION // This collection is dedicated to the past, present + future. Nothing can be one without the other. Each should be appreciated for what it was, what it is + what it will be. Change is necessary, nothing is forever + being original is the only way to keep life dancing. 

DIGITS + WIDGETS COLLECTION // Programming + communication encourages movement in the new world. this collection is influenced by the visual movement of technology. Through dots + shapes, a dance is choreographed in each pattern, similar to the choreography of coding + virtual processing.

SPUTNIK COLLECTION // With an extraterrestrial force + the studies of the galaxies come a interesting combination of facts + beliefs. Never knowing where exploration can bring us to, we keep the wheels turning + sensories high so that all dreams can become a reality.

STUDIO COLLECTION // Stemming from the vibe of the 1970’s this collection brings us back to the shapes + sounds of this amazing era. through high design, vivid colors + curvaceous shapes, even kitchen wallpaper proved to have some sass.